Friday, March 2, 2012

The New Boat!

Great excitment yesterday. We picked up our brand new boat!

Daz has been doing the research for the last 12 months, we looked in Perth when we were down for Christmas and last year when up in Darwin, so it hasn't been a snap decision! We had a "what are we waiting for?" moment the other week, took it for a test drive last weekend and well the rest is history now!!

Yesterday we picked it up and had a drive out on the Lake. It got the thumbs up from Grace.

We drove past Elephant Rock. Can you see why it is named that?

It is so lovely being out on the water. It is a long weekend here in Western Australia, think we may be taking the boat out!


  1. Fantastic! You guys are legends! Good work.

  2. I wish you all many happy hours/days on the new boat. Have you given it a name yet? Maybe we will see some photos of a christening, with champagne of course! Great photos as usual Helen. Love to you all from GAC.