Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ivanhoe Crossing.

Remember that scene in Australia where the Drover drives Nicole across the water? Or where you too busy drooling over Hugh Jackman like I was? It was filmed at a place called Ivanhoe Crossing which is not far from Kununurra.

We went there today for a look see, no Drover in sight unfortunately.

The water flows so fast here. It depends on how much water is being released upstream from Diversion Dam to as how fast or slow it flows. Perfect place for catching barramundi apparently although no one was there fishing today.

This was as far as we could go, but of course we wouldn't dream of crossing it in our little car! Must, must, must get a 4WD! The road will open in the "dry" season which officially goes from April to September. I told the girls we would come back when Grandad came up and cross in his 4WD! See those two dark dots in the water on the left? That was actually the heads of two Japanese backpackers who were lying on the road in the water cooling down. The water was about maybe 40cms deep? Their car was parked near ours, Queensland numberplates, packed full of camping gear. They didn't read the sign as Grace pointed out to me.

I wouldn't swim here! I'd be torn between worrying about getting washed over the edge or chomped by a crocodile! So we'll stick to the backyard pool.

Friday, March 19, 2010

More Middle Springs.

No, we haven't been back to Middle springs since last time. Remember how my camera battery went flat after a few photos? The lovely Deputy Head Mr F. took all the photo on this post and kindly burnt them to CD for us.

The weekend is nearly here again - yahhhh! We plan on Sunday to go to an Open Day for the Kimberley Toad Busters. The girls are looking foward to that. Haven't actually seen a Cane Toad in person, ugly things they are.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tonights Sunset

This was the view from the end of our driveway a few minutes ago. Very pretty. :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Middle Springs.

Another weekend, another waterfall! No not really, we haven't been out since Black Rock a few weekends ago. Been doing house stuff, boring! We have come to sort of an arrangement with our friend the Deputy and his wife. He'll come over and borrow the lawnmower to do his lawn and then when he brings it back, they take us out for a swim at a waterfall! Fantastic arrangement! Can you see the heads swimming in the water? That's Daz and the girls!

We need a 4WD though. I'd like to get out more. This is the road..... um.... maybe track would be a better description? This is the track we came in on. The girls thought it was great, being tossed around on the back seat. Milly said, if we put our hands up in the air, we can pretend we are on a roller coaster!

"Take a photo of me Mummy!" She is still a character this one!

We were pondering why this one is called Middle Springs. The middle of what exactly? Its not far down from Black Rock. My camera battery died after I took the below shot of Grace which was a bummer as I didn't get any shots of the waterfall. Nor any shots of us sitting on our chairs waist deep in the water drinking beer and eating chips and dip! It was better than any resort. :)

Grace had a great time swimming underwater, spotting all the fish. The water was clear but because the sand was brown, it looked muddy. Fish sized up to 30 cms but they were mainly smaller 10cm ones would brush your legs and snatch at any chip crumbs the girls dropped in the water. So another watering hole to show you when you come and visit.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our pool.

We have a pool up here. Newly installed last weekend! Everyone has a blow up pool in their backyard, you just have too, to dip into so you are wet, so if a breeze does drift over you, you can get cool. Most pools are from good old Country Target but at this stage in the Wet Season, nothing left for me! So I had Mum and Dad send up this 10 foot blow up one in the mail. Then after getting all the accessories needed for a pool besides the actual pool itself - free filter from one of the school Mum's, free pool cover and foot pump from one of the teachers, chlorine tablets, dispenser and tester from the hardware store and two layers of carpet from my local friendly carpet man who just gave it to me and delivered it for free too! - after gathering together all that, last weekend we put it up. Every time we have used it, I pull off the cover expecting a frog to be having a swim, this morning was the day!

He wasn't in the pool, just sitting under the rim. Then he decided to move down. Isn't he beautiful? The girls wanted to put him in the pool, no way! After posing for a few photos, he hopped away.

As you can see, the pool is a big hit with the girls.

My shouting of "Keep the water IN THE POOL!!!!" can be heard across the neighborhood I am sure.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Grace's Assembly!

The year 2's hosted the school assembly today, the theme was numbers! Grace was number 3 and due to being one of the shorter kids in year 2, she scored a front row position! She is much more happier and confident at school since her pout on the first day 5 weeks ago. I observed her yesterday during recess, she didn't know I was there, and she was in the middle of all the action, playing with a group of girls, she does like time by herself but it was nice to see her mingling. Maybe she is deciding who is going to score a birthday party invite for next month?

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Quiet Weekend.

We have had a quiet long weekend here. We did plan to go here, but instead stayed home. Maybe next weekend? So instead we all amused ourselves in our own way. Daz did this, work!

And I did this, sew, sew, sew, sew!

And Grace raided the dress up box and then pranced around the house in a frock that used to belong to Nanny Chook!

And Matilda was a goose as always for the camera!