Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keep River National Park.

We have been across the border a few times to the Keep River National Park. So we packed the grandparents and drove the new car across the border into the frontier that is the Northern Territory! It was the grandparents first visit so we stopped at the border for that snap you just have to take!

I am still amazed at all the walking of trails and gorges that we have done in the last 6 months, the girls still love doing it. They don't complain about it being boring, they set off always going first, sometimes even holding hands!

My favourite shot of the day.

We did the Gurrandalng Walk. Gurrandalng means Brogla Dreaming. In the dreamtime two Aboriginal people traveled from the sea to here. They collected grass and bushes, made a large nest and started to jump around and make noises like a Gurrandalng (Brogla). As the country listened they changed into Broglas. This place is named Gurrandalm - the place of the Gurrandalng.

At the top there was a fantastic view. Here is Milly with her red cheeks, placing a rock on a pile of rocks already there, one rock for every person that has walked here she said.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A whirlwind few days...

Well it has been a busy week with the new car and family here. We have done a lot! Been to Ivanhoe Crossing.

Finally climbed up Kelly's Knob for a view of our town.

Here is Don pointing the way back to Rottnest!

What's a trip to Kununurra without going and feeding the fish at Zebra Rock Gallery!

Think petrol is expensive your way??!! We braced ourselves for the first time we filled the tank! And that is for only half a tank! We then drove back to El Questro and stayed at Emma Gorge Resort like we did last time.

On the drive out we popped into Molly Springs on the way.

Emma Gorge is as beautiful as always. Way to cold for me to swim but Daz, Don and the girls went in for a brisk dip.

Then the boys had a spot of fishing along the Pentecost River.

This view makes up for that horror of a few weeks report writing!

And on the way home we checked out Wyndham which I found bleak and depressing and was so thankful that we got Kununurra as a posting rather than out there!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The New Car!

We interrupt all sewing activity to acknowledge the arrival of our new car! Big day here today! Daz's folks arrived with our new car. We are very excited, having a 4wd just will open up a whole new world of exploring up here. And having such a flash car too!!

The girls were very excited to see their grandparents too. They have driven up from Perth, so about 3,500kms.... we drove out the last 60kms to the Wyndham turn off to meet them, that's how excited we all were!

Here is Daz about to go for his first drive! Let the adventure really begin now!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Milly's Merit Certificate!

Well after being in Grace's shadow when it has come to getting merit certificates, Matilda had her turn at school today! When her name was called out she was a bit surprised and slowly made her way up to the front wondering huh? me? I could just see it on her face! Awarded for being a kind and caring class member who has taken on the role of Sleeping Beauty during our Fairytale theme this term! You were brilliant! (She has fallen asleep TWICE in two weeks at school. Once during story time in the afternoon and this week curled up in a box in the middle of the playground during lunchtime in the sun!) Congratulations Milly!! A great end to a fantastic semester of school, couldn't be prouder of you!

It has been quiet in this KNX blog as it has been a busy term. Sorry Deney I haven't been supplying any lunchtime reading for you! School holidays start in 3 hours (who is counting?!) and then it will be action packed for the next two weeks. Our new car will be arriving on Tuesday, so there will be LOTS of blog action.