Monday, March 5, 2012

More Boat Shots!

It was a long weekend here in WA so we went out on the boat twice. How decadent!

The proud boat owner.

Coming up to Elephant Rock.

Elephant Rock.

Dragonflies making babies! They were everywhere.

On the way home we watched the rain fall.

Then today we went out again. Putting the boat in the water.

We should have checked the radar on the BOM site before we left though. The rain was just starting here as Daz's shirt is still dry. We were all soaked within minutes. Milly tried to stay dry.

It bucked down with rain! It is the wet season after all!


  1. aunty wendy and I just love the boat and we will win lotto and be there soon. sorry about the rain milly. and grace grandad is so jealous of you and your barra. go gracie love nan and aunty wendy xx

  2. Thanks Nanny and Aunty Wendy! Hope to see you up here soon! Love Milly and Grace