Saturday, May 24, 2014

Music Under the Stars.

It's that crazy time of the year again, Ord Valley Muster. We sung on Wednesday night at Music Under the Stars. Milly is in year 4 this year so she was allowed to audition for the school choir. She got in and so the whole family is in choir this year. Kununurra's version of the Von Trapp Family!

 This is what the venue loos like before everyone gets here.

This is what we look like when we are all on stage! Milly is second on the right in the front row. Grace is behind Mr MacNeill, you can see half her leg and shoe. I'm in the back row on the right and Daz is also in the back row somewhere in the middle. It was a good night, practise for tonight when we are singing here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


On the last week of the school holidays we had an overnight fishing trip with friends to a top secret destination. All destinations are top secret when it involves catching barramundi! We drove through a few water crossings like the one above.

It was a long drive and Grace much preferred a nap in the shade of the car to doing any fishing!

Milly however was on fire and caught this cat fish which she wasn't impressed with. "Gross Mum!"

She persisted and then later her line went off and she reeled in a barra all by herself. Daz was giving instructions, "wind in, pull up, pause, wind in, pull up, pause" and Mr D had the net ready, we were not letting him get away.

Here is the end result, a beautiful 59cm barra and a smile that says it all. Well done Milly!

Three Fishermen. This photo shows their interest, Milly is still looking at her fish and Daz and Mr D are looking down river at where the rods are thinking they heard another one go off.

And I am saving the best photo for last. After the sun went down and the kids had gone to bed in the tent, my rod went off and look what was on the end! How big is that barra? 80cms long to be exact. It was very heavy, my arms from reeling it in and then holding it up for the photo. It was the best feeling though, I caught an 80cm barra. Not a bad end to the school holidays!