Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Camping.

We are on holidays at last! 12 weeks is a long term for teachers and students! Last Easter we went to El Questro and this Easter we went again. We had planned to go here or here but with all the rain recently, nowhere is open! So we packed up our camping stuff and away we went for a few days of adventures. We ran across a stretch of the Pentecost River.

We did some rapid riding as well. This stretch of the river was right next to the camping ground so while it wasn't 100% safe from crocodiles, everyone was doing it! The water here was waist height and fast! It was heaps of fun.

Only two of the Gorges are open at the moment, again, due to all the recent rain. One of them, Amelia Gorge was only open to the halfway point but we haven't walked it so we choose to do this one. I thought that the three logs and all the stones here were placed on purpose to make a little dam but Daz thinks it's from the force of the water over time. Still debating this one.

Taaa da, we made it! The water at the end was chilly but so refreshing. We walked this gorge early, left the car park at 8am so as a result we were the only ones there to enjoy it in the hour or so we were at the end. Walking back to the car people were starting to come in.

A rest spot along the way in. Usually this would be just a trickle of water.

One day we went to checking out where the water got up to at the Pentecost River where the Gibb River Road crosses. It's a bit hard to make out, but in the photo on the left of Daz, see the sign sticking out of the sand? It says Pentecost River.......

Driving back to camp from here we counted 52 water crossings in one morning! Mind you that did range from the above to a mere few inches trickling across the road. Still, 52!!! That's a lot of water.

And because we were so close, we stopped in at Zeebedee Springs a few times. Now we are back home for a few days to recover before packing the camping gear again and heading out to Lake Argyle for a few days to cheer on Daz and his team in the Lake Argyle Swim. We are going to need to take a holiday from our holiday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Daz on the radio!

Had a bit of excitement yesterday. Daz was on ABC Kimberley Radio in the morning, talking to Lana Reid about the year 7 podcast he has got up and running with the students. They broadcast at a table at the back of the admin building! It was great! More photos on their Facebook page here. Well done Daz!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lake Kununurra

On Friday afternoon, after school, we went on a boat cruise with the School's Social Club. Usually it's just down to the pub, but this time it was on a boat with Triple J Boat Cruises. This is called Elephant Rock, because it looks like an elephant? See if you can make it out.

Because we have had a very wet, Wet Season, the waterfalls are still flowing down.

You can drive a smaller boat right up to this one, get out and climb up to that first pool.

It was nice to get out on the water again. Half way through the cruise Daz turned to me and said, "We really have to get a boat." That would be very nice!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Grace is 8!

Happy 8th birthday Grace! Growing up too fast. I have asked you all week if you can stop growing and stay 7 years old to which you have answered, "No way Mummy! I want to be 8 now!" I love how you still call me Mummy though, still haven't grown up enough for that to change!