Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello Holidays!

Term three has ended, school holidays are here! We went to Lake Argyle yesterday for a day on the boat. What better spot for a frozen juice box hey?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Milly's Flash Mob.

Milly has been doing Jazz Ballet classes this year. It's fun, nothing serious, she loves it though. Their dance troup/school decided to hold a flash mob at the local markets. It was five weeks of extra sessions, I was proud of her as she didn't whinge about it once. They performed last weekend, it was so cool! Don't know if the link to the footage on Facebook will work but I'll try it..... here.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Father's Day Fishing.

We did a spot of fishing on the weekend. The dingy we brought Daz is his Father's Day present for the next 10 years so we might as well use it! Here is Milly all smiles till she got bored and whingy! How is that for a backdrop?

 First fish of the day was pulled in by Grace. "Look Dad! I got a barra!!!"

Slowly Gracie, reel him in nice and slow.....

Thats it, got him! Awesome!! He's undersize but lets take a quick photo before throwing him back in.

Look at that Poppy!! We'll throw him back and catch him next year.

And the next fish into the boat is a flathead caught by yours truely. The second ever fish I have caught up here. I thought it was a boot as I was reeling it in as I so didn't expect to catch anything!

And here is the mighty Pentacost River, it is very low at the moment, a mere trickly. Can't wait for the wet!