Saturday, March 17, 2012

Milly's Persuasive Argument!

Is Homework a Good Thing? by Millie Simpson

I believe that homework is absolutely fantastic becasue it can get your Mum and Dad's atenchen.

I think homework is really cool because you are learning and when you grow up you will probley be a teacher and how can you teach when you down't no eney thing?

I think homework is grat for kids because if you are learning it is verey good because it stops you from wouching T.V.

I totally absoluldy completely belive that evreyone should have homework.

There you go! No arguments from me on this one! Go Milly! The first merit certificate of the year. Congrats Milly Moo.


  1. Go Milly but I think that might come back and bite you later on when you don't want to do homework

  2. That is pure gold! I love it!