Monday, July 5, 2010

The New Car!

We interrupt all sewing activity to acknowledge the arrival of our new car! Big day here today! Daz's folks arrived with our new car. We are very excited, having a 4wd just will open up a whole new world of exploring up here. And having such a flash car too!!

The girls were very excited to see their grandparents too. They have driven up from Perth, so about 3,500kms.... we drove out the last 60kms to the Wyndham turn off to meet them, that's how excited we all were!

Here is Daz about to go for his first drive! Let the adventure really begin now!


  1. COOL!!! Looks great! Have fun driving your new 'baby'

  2. Sad sad individuals. I cannot believe I associate my family with these sad people. That is amazing that the balloons lasted 3500km with out popping! That is impressive, must be a Toyota.

  3. May you have many very happy klms and adventures in the new car. Love from GAC