Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keep River National Park.

We have been across the border a few times to the Keep River National Park. So we packed the grandparents and drove the new car across the border into the frontier that is the Northern Territory! It was the grandparents first visit so we stopped at the border for that snap you just have to take!

I am still amazed at all the walking of trails and gorges that we have done in the last 6 months, the girls still love doing it. They don't complain about it being boring, they set off always going first, sometimes even holding hands!

My favourite shot of the day.

We did the Gurrandalng Walk. Gurrandalng means Brogla Dreaming. In the dreamtime two Aboriginal people traveled from the sea to here. They collected grass and bushes, made a large nest and started to jump around and make noises like a Gurrandalng (Brogla). As the country listened they changed into Broglas. This place is named Gurrandalm - the place of the Gurrandalng.

At the top there was a fantastic view. Here is Milly with her red cheeks, placing a rock on a pile of rocks already there, one rock for every person that has walked here she said.


  1. Hi Helen,
    you are really living an adventure and I love seeing the photos ... makes me want to pack up and go walkabout. What is the weather like in July, I have to come out again next year and the only time I can go is during the summer holidays (July) with the boys. Don't fancy spending the warmest month in Germany in rainy Perth so I am looking out for places to go that are warm (not hot) and dry.
    Keep the photos coming

  2. WOW, what an amazing looking place, you are so lucky, it almost looks like the Bungles. Are you able to camp there? I would love to come up and go out there bushwalking. Did Dazza like driving his new shiny Prado on the corrugated roads?

  3. Loved reading and seeing the photos of your latest trips with family. It's a long way from Rottnest! It is wonderful that the girls like the bush/country scenery and you are teaching them about the aboriginal/original land owners. They will gain so much by your experience in this posting. Love to you all from GAC.