Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Weekend Fishing Trip.

We went fishing yesterday out to Digger's Rest. Here is Don getting his car wet.

And here we are all set up at the edge of the water. Big salt water crocodile territory here, NO swimming!

Milly helped pull in a barra with the other kids of the family we went with. She didn't want to hold it up by the lip, so she held it like this for the photo and then was totally grossed out to discover that she had fish blood and guts on her shirt!!

This one was a team effort by all the kids.

Mr Duthie kept the kids entertained with Uno between the rods going off.

And then on the drive home, we got to the outskirts of town and look what was strolling across the Diversion Dam bridge.... Who says crocodiles can't walk?

Just going for a stroll.

He's overtaking us on a double line! It was a spooky ending to a great day.

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