Tuesday, April 23, 2013

El Questro.

We  have been to El Questro just a few times before but always nice to go back. They have only been open for a week, so its like going again for the first time.

Milly and Poppy practising for the cicus....

Daz testing out his new LCD lights while Chris cooks up a storm in our camp kitchen!

And Daz testing out his new solar panals, wohhhha to that glare!

The girls with some friends we were travelling with. Note the school holiday grins!

And a quiet moment in Zebeedee Springs with the husband. A great start to the holidays!


  1. Your camping outfit is quite serious, isn't it. Love it. And love you guys. What a gorgeous photo of you and Daz.

  2. Great photos as usual, especially the one of you both at Zebeedee Springs. I visited El Questro in June 1987 and loved the part beside the river. According to my photo album I saw the Leichart Tree and Benn Spring. Love to you all. GAC