Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Show!

It was show weekend in town this weekend. There was squealing in the pavilion when we found out that Milly had got a first place for her entry in "4 - 6 year old drawing, any medium" plus a ribbon and prize ($20 gift voucher to local craft/stationary shop) for being "the best overall exhibitor aged 4 - 6 years". Go Milly!!!! Very proud. We are already thinking about what we can do next year, moving up into the 7 - 8 age category! I scored a 2nd for my Rainbow Squares quilt which I was happy with. I didn't take a photo of it as it was just folded up on the display, too big to pin out I think!

I was involved this year in the school's P&C committee, cleaning up the show grounds. So I was off doing that in the afternoon, turned around to look on the oval to find Milly had made her way into the grand final of the aged 6 and under Lawn Mowing Pushing Race! They had to push it under a bar and then around two poles and then dash across the finish line, she was excited to come in second and scored $15.00 for her effort. Which was immediately spent on the dodgem cars!

Grace joined in the Melon Olympics. You had too scoop out the flesh of two watermelons so you could wear them as shoes, walk down the slippery bit of plastic clutching a honey dew melon and throw it in a tub. Just for the fun off it! We are on school holidays now for two weeks and are off here on Tuesday. Can't wait!!!

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  1. The Kununurra Show looks like a great time was had by all, a real country show with lots of the community participating. Forgot to say who it was in my last comment. Love to you all from GAC.