Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grey Nomads do El Questro.

My parents are back in town. This post is for you Aunty Connie! Thought you might like to see some snaps of our outing last Sunday to El Questro.

We did a day trip out to have a swim at Zebedee Springs.

As you can see Dad likes the massaging effects of the waterfall!

Then we drove up to Pigeon Hole Lookout. Lunch, and then back home by 4!

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  1. Great to see the latest of what is going on up north and to see Julie and Peter looking so well after their long trip around Australia. I bet that was a wonderful reunion when you all got together in Kununurra.

    I look forward to hearing all the details of your trip Julie and Peter when you eventually arrive back in suburban Perth. Make the most of the warm weather, it is very cold down here!

    Helen I love hearing all about your life in Kununurra and it has helped improve my conputer skills too.