Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lake Argyle Swim 2011.

Well the big weekend was here. The Lake Argyle Swim. Daz and a team of 3 fellow teachers were competing in the 10km team swim across Australia's largest body of fresh water, Lake Argyle. That little orange buoy in the distance? That is the 1km to go mark.

We went up the Friday before and camped at the Resort to soak up the view and the atmosphere. The view is just stunning!

Hanging at the beautiful infinity pool at the caravan park before the big day. Such a tough life being on holiday's up in the Kimberley!

The swimmer doing a few laps warming up for the big day.

The before shot. You can't swim without a boat and a few paddlers. I was keen to paddle myself but there was the small problem of what to do with the children for 5 hours. We couldn't all fit on the boat! So I stayed behind with the girls and we got seats on a boat going out later.

Waiting at the boat ramp.

The cheering squad by the boat ramp.

And over the finishing line they go! They swam in 5 minute stints during the race but for the last 30 meters, they all jumped out the boat and swam across together.

The boys minutes after crossing the finish line having a well deserved beer. Thinking about making a Kununurra DHS teachers calender with this shot!

And he got a medal/coaster saying he survived the swim! Does he look happy or what?

We spotted a croc on the way home. Glad it was on the way home, would have been a bad omen if we spotted it going there! There are crocs in Lake Argyle but the swimmers were in the middle of the lake, so safe enough.

So it was a great weekend, Daz is keen to do it all again next year!


  1. Well done Daz. Great photos Helen. Those fins obviously helped

  2. Well done Daz, looks like a great day out :)

    But eeek to the croc...

  3. Well done Daza. Nice size Croc. Looked like a great week end. Dad and Mum

  4. wow! great photos! :)
    gonna miss the muster :(

  5. Ack! I knew there would be a croc at the end of this post!!! Well done Daz - every 5 minutes of diving in, swimming and climbing onto the boat, that would be exhausting in itself! Looks like a gorgeous lake to swim (well, except for you know who at the end).