Friday, May 6, 2011

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Back to school this week so to mark the holidays ending, on Tuesday we went for a little drive. Haven't had any rain for a month, but the water is still coming out the ground. We drove through muddy puddles.

And we drove over rocks. Lots of rocks.

And we passed beautiful scenery like this.

And we put our fishing rods in a big muddy brown river.

And taa daa!!!! I pulled out this!!!! The elusive barramundi!

It was a family effort. I held the rod, Grace wound it in and Milly cheered us on. Grace thought holding it was "gross!"

Milly was happy to pose with it though. This is a photo that will be displayed on her 21st birthday. 59cms! Not bad! I'm happy with that for my first barra catch.

Grace was much happier hanging with a green tree frog that had hitched a ride in the bag of one of the chairs.

And then as the sun set, the girls built themselves a tee pee! The perfect end to our holidays. Only something like 43 working days to get through till the next break!


  1. I'm with Grace totally gross

  2. Great catch....but I wouldn't touch it either! Love the Tee Pee!

  3. lovely pictures, I am sooooo envious of your trips! I used to live in Sydney for 3 wonderful years with my husband, and before moving back home to Hungary we went on a 3 week tour of Melbourne, Tasmania, Alice Springs, Darwin, Cairns and surroundings - not a long time, but that was all we could afford. we lived in YHA hostels and tents in camps the Outback and things like that, I LOVED it. your pics bring back my memories, ahhhh... :-))