Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rodeo Time.

It is Ord Valley Muster time up here at the moment, which is 2 weeks of "community celebration of the talented East Kimberley region, highlighting its cultural diversity, stunning landscape, and friendly, country hospitality." Their words, not mine! So last night we wore jeans, yes, it was chilly enough to wear jeans and went out to the local Rodeo.

Matilda as always got close to the action. We caught her at one stage sticking her head through the bottom two rungs of wire. Is she telling us she wants to be a cowgirl?

I sat with the girls at the front for awhile. It was great being so close. The ohhh's and ahh's as they would fall off and miss by millimeters being stomped in the head or stomach by an angry hoof.

I'll admit I don't really "get" the whole idea of a rodeo. Staying on a cow/bull/horse that is pissed off cause it has a rope tied around it's testicles till the buzzer goes. Watching all these young cowboys in their big hats and checked shirts walking around and wondering where they all came from, don't see them strutting around town!

It was a fun night. I can tick "attended a rodeo" off my things experienced in the Kimberley's now.


  1. Looks like a great night at the rodeo, and the cruise on Lake Argyle. Julie and Peter must be having a great time too. You are a very good photographer Helen, particularly love the informal snaps of Grace and Milly. Love to you all from the cooler part of our great state. From GAC.

  2. First a rodeo and now John Farnham in town - it's all go in Kununurra, also the Matso's Classic Car Run heading your way from Broome. I am not sure what that is but it is bound to be fun. Hope you are all well as we here in Perth are. Busy finding the winter gear as it is getting chilly. Michael is 50 years on Wednesday and I have to go to a funeral - a relation on my father's side. Bye for now - GAC