Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lake Argyle.

As you may know, my parents are staying with us at the moment. We are up to the 3 week mark now and today we did the touristy thing and went for a cruise on Lake Argyle. Its a 60km drive out of town, we flew over it when we arrived, but that still didn't prepare us for how big, massive, enormous, humongous this expanse of water is.

It looks like this in all directions. Water, red cliffs and more water.

We did the Sunset Cruise with this company. It was good, I'd take the next tourists who visit us along for another cruise. It was sort of funny, we were the only locals except for the boat driver/commentator.

Happy Mothers Day Mum! No, don't take my photo again!

Matilda enjoying the breeze. We were so excited to get on the boat I didn't get a photo of it! No windows, just a rail at the side to hang on to when the driver went fast.

Grace on the close look out for any crocodiles.

See the little V shape in the water coming towards you? Look closer...

Well hello Mr Crocodile!

Snap, snap! He was about a metre away from the side of the boat in this shot. He is a freshwater crocodile which are consider to be timid and generally not dangerous to humans. Still.....

Well that's close enough for me I'd say!

We cruised around some more and then stopped for a swim while waiting for the sun to set.

And here is Daz gazing out on another Kimberley Sunset as we cruised towards were the boat was docked. Most likely thinking of all the work we has to do this week with his students!


  1. Nice Helen - you have your dad, husband and children swimming in crocodile infested waters!! LOL!!!

  2. LOL Meredith, my thoughts exactly ;)

  3. There is no way I'd be in that water. Love that you put everyone else in though

  4. Mum didn't go in either!! Someone had to stay on the boat and take photos!

  5. I don't get rodeo's either. Bittersweet feelings watching an idiot being trampled by an irate bull.