Sunday, April 4, 2010

Molly Springs.

It is school holidays here. Yahhhhh!!! We all survived first term! So we have two weeks stretched out in front of us and more importantly, we have a 4WD to explore with! Sure it hasn't got air conditioning and its a bit scratched but see that gap between the top of the wheel and the white bit of the car? That is apparently "high clearance" and that is a very important thing! And it is ours for the next two weeks!

So yesterday we strapped the girls in, picked up two fellow teacher friends and decided to go check out Molly Springs. The claim to fame for this place is that Nicole Kidman swam here along with 3 other members of the crew while filming Australia and they all got pregnant. Fertility waters supposedly, we'll see! We got there, walked through grass as tall as us on a little path to turn the final corner to this......

A little pool and waterfalls cascading down. The girls have no fear, they are climbing over the rocks like goats. I've got them some proper trekking sandles which are an improvement on their croc slips on. Daz and I have some too now.

I went for a walk up the side. This was the view looking back down, note Milly trying to follow me.

The view from the top.

A lone ghost gum tree.

So if you come up to visit, this is your view on the way home from the back seat.

Expect lots of photos in my next post as we are going here tomorrow for a few days.


  1. Looks lovely! What a great "swimming hole!"

  2. Great Photos! Enjoy your 'new' car!

    I hope the waterhole works for you too!! ;)

  3. Looks like you are having a great time

  4. Molly Springs looks a lovely spot and all the other photos are great. You will treasure these in the future. Enjoy the 4WD and have a great two week holiday. Love from GAC