Tuesday, April 6, 2010

El Questro.

We have just come back from two days at El Questro Wilderness Park. I took 179 photos. So sit back with a drink as there are heaps of photos in the post! I am trying to do justice to the beauty of what we have seen and experienced in the last 48 hours. This was my view at the start out of the front window leaving town.

Some 60kms up the Victorian Highway, we reached the turn off, the start of the famous Gibb River Road.

The Gibb River Road is mostly ungraded, it is gravel and rocks all the way with water crossings. And spectacular views of the Cockburn Ranges.

We arrived at the Emma George Resort and winding through through the tented cabins we were pleasantly surprised to find ours at the end!

Here we are unpacking the car at our tent. I regret I didn't get any shots inside the tent to show how cool it was, it had a little en suite at the end, a queen size bed for Daz and I and two singles for the girls, perfect. No air con, just fans and plenty of zips on the window flaps to let the breeze in, but keep the insects out.

This was the view from our front step. You can't see it in this photo, but there was a little creek bubbling past which was flowing from Emma Gorge itself.

We packed a backpack with lots of water and some snacks and started the trek up the Emma Gorge. It is a 1.6km one way, so 3.2kms return. They say to allow 2 hours to do it in, that's without a swim once you get up there, with kids and a swim, 3 hours. We didn't have a watch, but we think it took us about 3 to 4 hours. Not bad going. I expected the kids to whinge and moan but the blue arrows leading the way kept them amused, seeing who could find the next one and which was the right way to go.

We walked along the creek bed at the start.

And then amongst ferns.

Nearly there, this pool was just a few meters, it was referred to as Turquoise Pool on our little A4 map we had.

Yes, nearly there. Can you see the pool of water in the distance? We were so surprised and pleased to find that we were the only ones there! On the walk up about a dozen people passed us going back. We thought there would be someone up there but we were so lucky to have the place to our selves while we were there.

We made it! We put the camera on a rock and used the auto timer for this shot.


The girls being mountain goats again. They like to float leaves down the stream and hunt for tadpoles.

Walking back. This was just before Grace's shoe broke and Milly got a prickle in her toe and screamed blue murder at us as we tried to get it out. Grace is tickling me on my back here, so I was trying to distract her by making bunny ears.

No television or internet here, so we played a few games of Connect Four, a favourite in our house. Milly always beats me. Then at 6 on the dot, we were off to dinner. Was starving!

Matilda about to tackle her fish and chip dinner. The poor child was so tired she couldn't eat all her ice cream after this.

Checking out the next morning I snapped this shot of reception. I loved how the veranda was built to include the magnificent boab tree. We loved staying here. The staff where so friendly, nothing was too much trouble, the food was great, the grounds immaculately kept, we'd love to come back. I think we will too. You have to buy a pass to get into the park, we got one for the rest of the season.

And so by 8 we were back on the Gibb River Road heading for Zebedee Springs. Zebedee Springs is a bit further into El Questro. They are a natural thermal springs. Only open from 6am till noon, as the guests staying in the fancy Homestead get exclusive access then. So we had to beat the crowds!

Over the bridge.

Across the stepping stones...

Just a 10 minute walk up a track and here we are! Once again we were pleasantly suprised to find we were the only ones there! We passed a couple coming out as we were walking in and that was it! How lucky were we?


Our little poser Matilda.

Isn't this a great shot? It was like a giant spa jet coming down on our head, felt great!

Matilda not impressed with having to leave.

Daz crossing the Pentecost River. We went up to the Station Township Resort for an icey pole and then back in the car.

And then it was time for the trip back home. A great 48 hours had by all.


  1. OMG!! Stunning photos Helen!

    Those tents look cool...quilt inspiration?? The girls must hae been so tired that night! Great that they were able to walk that far with out too much trouble.
    Love the family photo! the water looks so inviting! Love the waterfall!!

    How long are you there for...long enough for a visit...soooo tempting!!

  2. Wow what a lovely spot. Jai loved seeing the girls under the waterfall.

  3. Terrific photos of your trip on the Gibb River Beef Road and El Questro. Love GAC.

    Boab tree in the building is a great shot too. The one they brought down from the north west to Kings Park is going well with lots of green shoots. I believe there were a lot of street signs missing along the route it took to Perth.