Saturday, March 6, 2010

Our pool.

We have a pool up here. Newly installed last weekend! Everyone has a blow up pool in their backyard, you just have too, to dip into so you are wet, so if a breeze does drift over you, you can get cool. Most pools are from good old Country Target but at this stage in the Wet Season, nothing left for me! So I had Mum and Dad send up this 10 foot blow up one in the mail. Then after getting all the accessories needed for a pool besides the actual pool itself - free filter from one of the school Mum's, free pool cover and foot pump from one of the teachers, chlorine tablets, dispenser and tester from the hardware store and two layers of carpet from my local friendly carpet man who just gave it to me and delivered it for free too! - after gathering together all that, last weekend we put it up. Every time we have used it, I pull off the cover expecting a frog to be having a swim, this morning was the day!

He wasn't in the pool, just sitting under the rim. Then he decided to move down. Isn't he beautiful? The girls wanted to put him in the pool, no way! After posing for a few photos, he hopped away.

As you can see, the pool is a big hit with the girls.

My shouting of "Keep the water IN THE POOL!!!!" can be heard across the neighborhood I am sure.


  1. Oh Helen, give up the idea of keeping the water in the pool - that is an impossible ask! Also tell the kids that chlorine won't be terribly good for your little green friend!

  2. Looks like they are having a great time