Monday, March 8, 2010

Middle Springs.

Another weekend, another waterfall! No not really, we haven't been out since Black Rock a few weekends ago. Been doing house stuff, boring! We have come to sort of an arrangement with our friend the Deputy and his wife. He'll come over and borrow the lawnmower to do his lawn and then when he brings it back, they take us out for a swim at a waterfall! Fantastic arrangement! Can you see the heads swimming in the water? That's Daz and the girls!

We need a 4WD though. I'd like to get out more. This is the road..... um.... maybe track would be a better description? This is the track we came in on. The girls thought it was great, being tossed around on the back seat. Milly said, if we put our hands up in the air, we can pretend we are on a roller coaster!

"Take a photo of me Mummy!" She is still a character this one!

We were pondering why this one is called Middle Springs. The middle of what exactly? Its not far down from Black Rock. My camera battery died after I took the below shot of Grace which was a bummer as I didn't get any shots of the waterfall. Nor any shots of us sitting on our chairs waist deep in the water drinking beer and eating chips and dip! It was better than any resort. :)

Grace had a great time swimming underwater, spotting all the fish. The water was clear but because the sand was brown, it looked muddy. Fish sized up to 30 cms but they were mainly smaller 10cm ones would brush your legs and snatch at any chip crumbs the girls dropped in the water. So another watering hole to show you when you come and visit.


  1. You guys sound like your having a blast. Love following your adventures.

    Sezza on the rock x

  2. Just travelled down memory lane! Keep sharing stories of your adventure as Trav and I really enjoy looking at the photos and reading about the journey. Have a relaxing holiday and catch and eat as much fish as you can. We just paid $70 for a red snapper for Easter Friday. Enjoy the perks!