Sunday, June 7, 2015

Lake Argyle Swim 2015

It is that time of the year again, the Lake Argyle Swim. All those weeks of training and the big weekend is here. This year I have been promoted from supportive wife and babysitter of children back at the caravan park to kayak support! Because Lake Argyle is such a large body of water, the swimmers can't see where to go, so there has to be a kayaker alongside the swimmer to guide them, that's me this year! Here is Daz and I taking a pre race selfie on the 40 minute boat ride to the start.

And here is the scary team I was supporting, they thought the face masks would psych out the opposition.  Daz is feeling a bit confident and wearing his "I Survived the Lake Argyle Swim" tshirt before the actual swim!

This was my view for most of the swim. Water, hills in the distance, a few boats there in the distance we are trying to catch up with. If I looked to my right though, I saw this....

Here is Daz with the finish line in sight!

Here are the boys doing a change over. You can just see the finish line and boat in the distance on the horizon on the left. They had been swimming for about 3 hours by this stage.

And now is the time to put on the shirts! Daz received his zebra rock coaster for finishing, the fourth one to add to his collection. Does that mean we have to do it twice again to get a complete set of six?

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