Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our trip down the Gibb to Mitchell Falls.

During the July School holidays we took off to the Mitchell Plateau for a week with some friends. Here we are at the turn off for our first night, at a place called Drysdale Station
Thanks for holding open the gate Daz!
This is one of many river crossings on the way up on Day Two.

We got to discover some artwork on the way. The artwork in the top photo is called a Wandjina.

And here we are on Day Three, finally made it to the Mitchell Falls! This is a waterfall called Little Merton Falls, on the walk down to the Mitchell Falls. It's about a two hour walk in.

We discovered more artwork on the walk to the Falls.
Of course there is always time for a swim and a clapping game on the way!
A bit further on this was Big Merton Falls.
This was around the corner of the Mitchell Falls, sort of the top bit all flat before it got narrow and turns into the waterfall. You had to walk across this bit to get to the viewing points for the Falls. This was the only part safe enough to swim. on the left of this photo on the horizon, there was a flat area of rock there where the helicopters landed and took off, we took a helicopter ride back to camp. Two hours to walk up, 15 scenic minutes to fly back down. No photos from the air as I was took all these shots on the ipad.
Yahhh, we made it to the top!

The postcard shot capturing all four of the waterfalls that make up Mitchell  Falls.

Then on Day Four we went to another waterfall called Surveyors Pool. Milly was very colour coordinated as always!
The water was flowing further to the left of this photo, we started to swim there but soon discovered little black leaches attached to our legs, so we got out quickly!
So Daz tried to have a nap....

On Day Five we started the journey back to Kununurra. More amazing artwork discovered on the way.

And here we are on the morning of our last day, car all packed and ready to head back to a hot shower, real flushing toilets and a clean bed! An awesome trip to a very special part of Australia.

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  1. WOW! What a beautiful trip that was! It looks like you are all having a fabulous time there still!