Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 Lake Argyle Swim

The Lake Argyle Swim was in May. After taking 2013 off, the boys were back for this year as keen as ever. Here we have swimmers, paddler and boat skipper all ready to go. Daz is feeling confident as he is wearing his "I survived the Lake Argyle Swim" BEFORE surviving it!

Walking down the boat ramp.

Nearly at the finish line boys!

Here they are crossing the line from our view from the top of the boat ramp. We were in radio contact with our boat this year, so after I took these shots, Mario our skipper told me to come down to the ramp and he came in and picked me up so I was on the boat when the boat crossed the line.

They swim up to the orange boat to have a champers and get their official time noted (3 hours and something) and then we went in to pick them up.

Here they all are after finishing. Posing for the school's buff man calendar!

Don paddled for a lady he meet at the caravan park. Her paddler had unexpectedly pulled out the night before, he was there willing with his own kayak so it all worked out well!

Father and son after the race, both wearing their shirts. See you next year!


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