Friday, August 23, 2013

Uncle Justin's 40 hour visit!

A few weekends ago we had Uncle Justin visit for 40 hours.He came up for work and managed to stay for half of the weekend. We were all very excitied as none of Daz or I's siblings have visited us up here in KNX, so it was pretty cool to show Uncle Just the sights of our hometown. It was a whirlwind 40 hours, we picked him up from the airport during recess, dropped him at his work then went back to school! But at the end of the school day, we were walking out the door at 2.30 exactly! Put the boat on the back of the car and took him out on the river to show him Elephant Rock.

Then on Saturday it was up bright and early to take him to El Questro!

Had a dip at Zebedee Springs....

Then a walk up Emma Gorge...

Across the Pentacost to take the famous photo and then home again. We all had a quick shower and then went to the Pumphouse for tea which is a Simpson tradition for family who visit and leave the next day! Popped him on the 8am flight out on Sunday morning. It was an action packed 40 hours but awesome to see him again, we worked it out that the girls and I haven't seen him since visiting the Gold Coast in 2010/11.


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