Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Milly!

 Wow, amother year has flown by and my baby is a year older! Milly turned 8 on Thursday. This photo sums her up pretty well. You like to wear pretty dresses like a young lady. You still carry Berry your teddy with you when you are tired and we are going out a night. You like to pull funny crazy faces at the camera like your Dad. And you like to apply your learning knowledge outside the classroom as seen here, demonstrating how a tsunami is made with your icecream!

Nanny Chook and Grandad were still in town for the occassion and we went out for tea at the Pumphouse to celebrate.

Dad snapped a decent photo of the four of us for a change! Happy birthday Milly!! We love you heaps!

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  1. Happy 8th birthday Milly. I am sure you had a great day! Love from Great Auntie Connie. xxx

    Great photos Helen of your holiday trip to Cape Lequeve. I am happy to see you are all enjoying your time in the north-west.