Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zebedee Springs and the Pentacost River.

We are in school holidays at the moment and have had a lazy few days at home. Yesterday we decided to get out the house and went for a dip at Zebedee Springs at El Questro. Its a thermal springs, the water is like a bath. Camera perched on a rock, auto timer on, quick!!It was great too as when we pulled in the carpark there was only 3 other cars and as we walked up the trail two groups were walking down. So we had the place practiacally to ourselves, another few weeks and it will be full of tourists!

Milly photo bombing Grace. Matilda has a grin like her father!

Waterfalls! Work that camera Grace! Then after we were all refreshed, back in the car and down to the Pentacost River.

On the way we stopped for a family snap in front of the impressive Cockburn Ranges.

Spot the crazy fisherman? Daz wanted to perfect his cast net throw.

We caught absolutely nothing. Grace pulled in a catfish which was immediately unhocked and thrown back. Cat fish are yucky! Daz had one that got away..... This one was undersize and was thrown back in as soon as this photo was taken. There was lots of "Hurry up and take the photo!!!!" from Daz. Milly was just happy to get a fish, she didn't mind not keeping it. We went home and had takeaway Chinese for tea!


  1. Happy birthday Grace, looks like you had a lovely day. Its nice to see other parts of Oz, we live in Sydney. Do you have to watch out for crocs at Zebedee Springs? Looks a fantastic spot. Husband is very jealous of your boat. Happy days from Sherry in Sydney

  2. Hello Sherry, no croc in Zebedee thank goodness, just fairies! Pentacost though, YES, lots of crocs! Thanks for visiting.