Monday, March 14, 2011

Cut Off!

We have had a bit of rain lately, just a bit. I must be getting old as the weather fascinates me now! We have had 179mm for the month of March so far, last year we only had 84mms for the whole month. The sky is looking like this colour most of the time and I'm using the tumble dryer to dry clothes!

So after 88mms of rain since Friday, word got around town that the water was rising! The road to Fitzroy Crossing has been closed since Friday which is the link to the rest of Western Australia. The road to Darwin is open still but all the food and mail comes from Perth. The supermarket shelves in the fruit and veggie section have pumpkin or lemons! We went down to Ivanhoe Crossing after school today to have a look. It's all under water! It should look like this but it's all under water.... that green tree top island on the left there in the water? I think that is the tree that the warning sign about crocodiles is under.

Then we drove over to look at the Dunham River, which was raging under the bridge! Its about 4 times the width of what it normally is! It's all very exciting, besides not having any fresh fruit it's all good!


  1. Rain - what's that? I've forgotten! Great photography as usual Helen. Love to you all, GAC.