Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hidden Valley.

What to you call a bunch of teachers that walk into a valley on a weekend? I am not sure, but I did ponder it as I made up the rear party of an afternoon outing to Hidden Valley or Mirima National Park on Sunday. This park is on our doorstep practically, I drive past it every day and despite being here a year, we have never been for a walk in it! So we packed our towels, snacks and drinks and took a 30 minute trek to this.......

A beautiful pool. Deep enough to jump off into. See that figure in the white top on the left clapping as the others jumped in?? Notice how there is a gap in the ladies jumping off, almost like the person in the white was supposed to jump in too but at the last second stepped back and said "No WAY!" Well that chicken is me! Just couldn't do it!

There was a smaller ledge that the girls were happy jumping off.

I jumped in off this one just fine. :)


  1. Oh wow, it looks awesome Helen!! Any crocs around here? you know my fear of crocs!

  2. LOL Caro, no crocs in this pool. See, there are some croc free pools up here!