Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Stick Insect!

Another weekend, another Sunday day trip exploring before it gets too hot to move outside! We caught up with fellow explorers Mr and Mrs F who have lead us on many adventures and this time we were heading out of town "about 4okms towards the border, turn left down a track then a right and then left again". That was the rough directions!

Then we arrived at what we think is called Thompson's Pool. We think.... With directions so vague it could have been the place or we could have discovered somewhere new. The interesting thing about this one is that someone, once made a little wall to dam it up the top! It was all bricked in very neatly and if we walked up the top there was this little pool.

Which the girls enjoyed splashing in. You could sit on the wall, it was wide enough to walk on, the drop was about 5 meters. We wondered who had dammed it and when and why?

We were later just sitting around eating lunch and chatting when Grace spotted this stick insect in the water! She went in and rescued it to her delight. It was huge!!!!

The colours on it were amazing.

When Mr F wanted to take a photo, he was quite friendly working for the camera. Grace wanted to bring him home for news the next day. I said no!


  1. Oh and why wouldn't you want to take a beauty home like that?! Much the same as me having to take home tadpoles and the likes, I suppose. Looks fantastic Helen. Makes me wistful for the Aussie colours. Love to you. Kylie B X

  2. Just lovely. You inspired me to get our photo album out, and we visited this very waterfall Boxing Day 1998. No stick insects for us, but we did see a dingo on the way back to Kunnunurra, which was very exciting. DH also gave himself an enormous headache by jumping off the little dam, and hitting the water slightly wrong.

  3. WOW Helen, I really wish we could all experience it first hand. Very envious! Keep on blogging! It has made us want to take some leave and travel around Australia. Julius is up for pro rata long service leave next year....