Thursday, February 11, 2010

First day of school for 2010!

School started on the 1st of February here and I was glad to see them go back I'll admit! Milly looks pleased to go but Grace looks like she wishes she was anywhere else in the world rather than wearing a new uniform about to go to a new school!

As we all expected, Matilda was all smiles and excited to start the day. She loves school. She has a lovely teacher, the perfect pre primary teacher, young, fresh, full of joy and enthusiasm for her little 5 year old charges. She was one of two new girls in her class but that didn't worry her at all, she is now friends with every one and has taken a particular interest in a little Indigenous boy who "Is very shy Mummy, he catches a bus to school with all his brothers and sister, how lucky is he? And sometimes he comes to school with no shoes on, but that's okay cause we are all friends".

And those of you who know Grace in real life would have known that she wasn't at all impressed at leaving her old school and her best friend there. The expression on her face sums up what she thinks of her first day! And this was the best photo I could get out of the ones I took! Her teacher is lovely though, she has a high bar to meet though to be as lovely as Grace's teacher last year though! But she was buddied up with a little girl who has been at the school a few years and they became instant best friends by the time the lunchtime siren went. She has already had a playdate at her house and in turn she is coming over to our house for a play this weekend.

'So by Thursday she was all smiles. So in all, the first week of school wasn't as bad as I had expected.


  1. Oh my goodness that last photo is GORGEOUS!!

    I've had a good laugh at grumpy Grace!

  2. Hello guys,
    Finally got on the blog and love it. What a great idea. I will keep checking in. Am v jealous of your adventures . Luv Orla

  3. grace's face! my sides! so funny! of course, not for her... worst day of her life, yadda yadda...
    gorgeous big smile from matilda, love it!

  4. It is always hard moving and making new friends (I have found it hard this move - but then 7 moves in as many years - I am quietly OVER IT)

    Glad that they have both settled in and love it now.