Monday, January 18, 2010

The Truck Has Left....

Today was removal day! The truck pulled up at 8.15 and departed full of all our stuff at 3. Hot day today, 42. I have 8 pot plants in the back of this truck, wonder what they'll be like when they get to the other end. Gavin, the removal guy pushing the cartons in the background, he said the truck will leave Perth Wednesday and be in Kununurra on Saturday which is the day we arrive. But, our stuff is in first, so the other peoples stuff has to come out first, so we are hoping next Monday we'll see everything again.


  1. You share a truck? That's a good idea.

    I love how it's a "Grace" truck, I bet she did too!

    I'm looking forward to keeping up with this adventure! I'll be reading through Google Reader!

  2. wow, love a new blog to follow! good luck and hope everything arrives safely!


  3. sooo organised setting up a blog...can't wait for next instalment. lol claire xxxx

  4. Yeah a new Helen blog to follow!! Oh and Daz and Grace and Milly too!! lol

    I'll be following along with your adventures!

  5. That trucks HUGE!

  6. iam on this journey too and wishing you's the best

  7. Arent you a clever little dicky bird setting up this blog Im highly impressed. How funny is grace I belly laughed looking at the expression on her face, priceless.Looks like your all doing well. Talk soon.x

  8. Wow looks amazing up there!
    Looks like you've all settled in ok.
    Lots of water everywhere
    Good job with the blog.
    Will be staying in touch
    Back to Uni tomorrow...